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Martin Lukas and David Steinhilper:

Living conditions in the Gunung Sewu karst region (Java, Indonesia)

The example of the community of Dadapayu

ISBN: 978-3-937983-03-5

Titelbild: Gunung Sewu

This report gives a graphic description of the living conditions and development problems in the Gunung Sewu region on Java, Indonesia. The Gunung Sewu karst region has been known for its extremely harsh environment and the long-standing poverty of its inhabitants. In particular, toward the end of the six-month dry season, most of the few surface water lakes have dried up and the regional population starts suffering from severe water supply shortages.

Since 2000, a German research and development project has set out to provide the whole region with safe and secure drinking water. Against the background of this development effort, in September 2003, a team of Indonesian and German geography students conducted a comprehensive household survey in the rural and peripheral community of Dadapayu. The survey aimed at drawing a detailed picture of the present living conditions and the expected impacts of the development project in the survey community.

Thís survey report focuses on the communal basic needs and social services, the economic development and migration, the land use, and the water supply situation.

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