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Liona Nanang Supriatna:

The Implementation of International
Human Rights Law
in the Indonesian Legal System

ISBN: 978-3-937983-19-6

Titel: Human Rights

Indonesia has ratified international human rights conventions and is bound by those obligations to respect human rights. However, it has not reformed its legislation to comply with those conventions. Indonesia's executive and judicial branches regularly fail to address human rights violations. This signals that Indonesia is not serious about holding the worst abusers to account.

After the turmoil that swept the former province of East Timor, Indonesia has not properly laid the skeletons of that fateful tragedy to rest. It must be acknowledged that the Indonesian government is simply not able to protect all the activities taking place within its jurisdiction, including human rights violations committed by powerful groups within the state.

Liona Nanang Supriatna carefully identifies particular features which, despite all the political difficulties, have provided bits and pieces of human rights protection in Indonesia. He takes up the general debate about impunity and then provides a detailed picture of human rights violations in East Timor. This is more than just helpful: It places the East Timor case within the context of Indonesian human rights law.

Liona Nanang Supriatna studied international law at UNPAR (Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung/Indonesia) and obtained his Doctoral Degree from the Faculty of Law at Justus-Liebig University, Gießen/Germany. He is now lecturer at UNPAR. His research interests focus on international human rights law.

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