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Mangadar Situmorang:

International Humanitarian Intervention
in Intrastate Conflicts

Indonesian Case Studies

ISBN: 978-3-937983-20-2

Titel: Humanitarian Intervention

What made the international community send international forces to East Timor (INTERFET) and why was such intervention successful? Why did international major powers, such as the USA, EU or Australia, not act similarly in the deadly communal conflict in Ambon, Maluku? How could the Helsinki peace agreement for Aceh be achieved?

Normative views built on internationally accepted human rights principles and humanitarian values provide some ground for convincing explanations. International political realism perspectives also offer an account to an extent. Neither of those perspectives, however, could convincingly explain why the international community acted discriminately in those three violent, "intrastate" conflicts.

Having examined the significance of international humanitarian values and realism arguments, Mangadar Situmorang carefully contends that Indonesian domestic political dynamics are determinant factors for the discriminate responses of the major international powers.

Mangadar Situmorang studied International Relations and Political Science at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta/Indonesia. After spending a year at Flinders University, South Australia, he obtained his doctoral degree from the Department of Social Sciences, Curtin University of Technology, Perth/Western Australia. He is a senior lecturer and now Director of the Parahyangan Centre for International Studies (PACIS) at Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung/Indonesia, with research interests in non-traditional international issues, conflict resolution, and political dynamics.

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