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Zen Life, Moment Life

The Teaching of Zen Master Wu Bong

With appreciations from his students
Compiled by Peter Voke

ISBN: 978-3-937983-34-9

Titel: Zen Life, Moment Life

Cover design: Tanja Stock

Zen Master Wu Bong is the Head Teacher of the European Kwan Um School of Zen. In 1972 he became the first student of the famous Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn. In 1984 he received inka (authorization to teach) and nine years later he got the transmission of Dharma and was named Wu Bong (Universal Peak). He is the seventy-ninth Patriarch in his lineage and has been teaching constantly around the world, leading retreats and giving talks. Recently, he has become a monk, so nowadays you can meet him and listen to his talks mostly in Korea.

"This book gives the full taste of Zen Master Wu Bong's Dharma!" (Zen Master Bon Shim)

"Keeping a 'don't know' mind means cutting off all thinking. Cutting off all discursive thoughts takes us to the wellspring of our true nature, and brings us to the present moment. What are you doing just now? Paying attention to this moment is what Zen practice is all about..." (Zen Master Wu Bong)

Editor: European Kwan Um School of Zen

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